Dates and deadlines

Course applications can be submitted by July 31, 2021. If the applicant does not have a visa and requests to book accommodation at TBU, it is necessary to apply no later than April 30, 2021 - after this date it will not be possible to book accommodation at TBU. Students who have not applied for visa have to apply at least 3 months in advance before the beginning of the course. A 2-page handwritten cover letter written in English must be sent with the signed application. Courses start on September 7th, 2021 and finish by the end of May, 2022. Classes take place from Monday to Friday with a total of 700 hours. A certified Czech language test is organized in June 2022.


The price for the course is EUR 2,500. The price includes tuition and textbooks.

After registration, the applicant is asked by email to pay a non-refundable registration fee of 150 Euro. Subsequently, documents are sent containing confirmation of admission to the course and accommodation contract. In the case of sending to non-European countries with limited postal services, the applicant is asked to pay 250 Euros and the documents are sent through the DHL Express service. The applicant can order the DHL service at his own expense, and then pay only 150 Euros only.

Bank details for payment in Euros are as follows:
Beneficiary's account name: Tomas Bata University in Zlin
Name of the bank: Komercni banka, a.s. Zlin
Bank account number: 43-7565040247 / 0100
IBAN: CZ29 0100 0000 4375 6504 0247
Variable symbol: 90370
Reason for payment: surname and name of applicant

Payment of the remaining amount of 2,350 Euros will be realized before the start of the course following a call sent to the applicant by email.

If a course participant requests a refund, UTB will retain a cancellation fee of 250 EUR. A refund of the course fee is only possible one month before the beginning of course, if later a proportional fee of EUR 250 for each month of course run is calculated.


Courses focus on Czech grammar, written and oral proficiency, and conversation. You will become familiar with the life in the Czech Republic (geography, everyday life, culture, politics). We have prepared over 30 different topics for you.


Tuition takes place in modern buildings of Tomas Bata University (most buildings of the university were built or reconstructed in the last ten years). Students can use the services of a large and modern library, they have access to electronic sources and quality wi-fi is available everywhere. All university buildings are within walking distance, which means that you will save on public transport. There are cafés, tearooms and numerous shops right in the city centre.


Previous knoledge or study of the Czech language is not required. Students are required to attend at least 60 % of the classes and after the Christmas break must pass an A2 level test.


After finishing the course, students will be able to get the international ECL level B2 (upper-intermediate) certificate, which entitles them to study free of charge in the Czech language at any Czech state institution of tertiary education. The price of the exam (100 Euro) is included in the course fee. For more information see


Classes take place at the university in the centre of Zlín, within walking distance from accommodation facilities and cafeterias. The maximum number of students in the group is 15.


Teaching is provided by three lecturers, who have long-time experience with teaching Czech to foreigners and can communicate in English.

Visa & Insurance

If you are required to have a visa when entering the country, you must apply for a long-term visa. State "other" as the purpose of your visit and further specify it as "education – preparation for further studies in the Czech Republic". If you state in our online application that you are planning to apply for a visa, we will, after you have made the fee payment, issue a Proof of Enrollment, which you will then attach to your visa application.
lease keep in mind that during your stay in the Czech Republic, you are required to have valid medical insurance. For more information on visas please visit this page.

Accommodation & Board

Course participants can choose to stay at a student dorm. The price varies depending on the number of persons sharing a room, from CZK 2,900 to CZK 3,300 (EUR 116 to EUR 132) per month. Single rooms are not available, only 2-bed or 3-bed rooms are available. There is an initial returnable deposit payment of CZK 2,500 (EUR 100). If you indicate your interest in staying at the dorm in your application, we will send you all necessary information. Private accommodation starts at CZK 3,000 (EUR 120) per month (again, depending on how many people share a flat). You can also eat at the university cafeteria. Meals start at EUR 4.00.

The town of Zlín

Zlín ( is a regional capital with a population of 70,000, located in the east of the Czech Republic, about 70 km from the border with Slovakia. It is known not only thanks to Tomáš Baťa, nicknamed "shoemaker to the world", but also as a city with a unique functionalist architecture and a town in gardens. The closest internaional airports are Prague and Vienna. Present-day Zlín is above all a student town - the local Tomas Bata University ( is the youngest government-funded university in the Czech Republic, and with its 6 faculties and 9,000 students ranks as a medium-sized institution of higher education.